What Is Link Baiting?


Link Baiting is a more blackhat link building method, that you don’t really hear about a lot, but when you do, many people do seem to think they know what they are looking about when really they don’t. Link baiting is quite hard to learn, but once you’ve got it down, it can be an amazing way to build a lot of backlinks.

The idea of link baiting is in fact very smart, you create some sort of content, then you somehow get people to build backlinks to the page, but the question is, well how do you get people to build your backlinks? Well obviously by getting them to talk about your website/page on their website/page or on forums/chats, whatever.

The faster your website spreads, the more backlinks you’ll get, the great part with link baiting is, once you’ve started to build some links, generally they keep coming in faster and in larger chunks, so the main idea of link baiting is, to create content, then hope that other people will build backlinks for you.

Very similar to fishing, you throw the bait out there, so you’re putting content out there, then you hope a fish bites, in this case, we hope people start to build backlinks to our content, this can be an amazing way to get a lot of traffic, as well as backlinks. After all, having people talk about your website is definitely the best way to build a lot of backlinks and you’re not even building them!

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