Recommended Tools for Online Plagiarism Check


Writing quality articles is a must as well as a necessity for every SEO Content Writer. One of the characteristics of quality articles is that they have never been uploaded on any site. After you know how to write the right articles, now is the time for you to do an online plagiarism checker to make sure your article has never been uploaded anywhere. Therefore, there are several tools for checking plagiarism online.

Here we provide lime recommendations for tools that you can use to check plagiarism online:


You can directly check text or files directly using DupliChecker. This website provides a special page for checking plagiarism content. You just need to enter content with a maximum of 1000 words into an available form.

When using DupliChecker to check the plagiarism level of content, you will be presented with information on how much your content is similar to other content in the form of a percentage.

Apart from checking the plagiarism level of content, this website also provides other checking systems, such as grammar, paraphrasing, keyword position checker, domain authority, backlink checker, and many others.


If you are looking for a website for a very simple online plagiarism check, you can use Dustball. When you open this website, you will immediately be presented with fields to fill in the text you want to check. Apart from checking text directly, websites can check Microsoft Word documents.

How to use it is quite easy. You just have to copy and then paste any text into the box provided. Then click the “Check the paper” button and the website will automatically check your document. The result of checking Dustball is indicated by the statement “OK” and “Plagiarism?”. If there is any indication of plagiarism, Dustball will give a “Plagiarism?” Warning.

Unfortunately, there are limitations to the use of checks. When it exceeds that specified, the website will display a “Free Limit Reached” warning. The limit for use is 1000 per day worldwide. In order to continue using it, users are required to subscribe by paying  $8 (lifetime) for maintenance costs.


Copyscape provides a free plagiarism check application to search for copies of your website pages online, as well as solutions to prevent content theft and fraud. All you have to do is enter the website URL address and Copyscape will automatically check the level of similarity of your content.

The content that you buy or create may have been copied or stolen from other websites. Articles that have been published and copied on other websites can certainly destroy your reputation and affect the ranking of your content in search results. Checks using Copyscape are carried out so that the content you create is not recognized as plagiarism.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of uses for the free version. In order to get wider access, you must use premium services. Apart from checking plagiarism, Copyscape also provides other services such as Copyscape Premium, Premium API, Copysentry, Free Comparison Tool, and Free Plagiarism Banner. Of all these services, it seems quite interesting is the Plagiarism Banner. You can use this feature to embed a plagiarism banner on your website pages.


PlagTracker is a website that provides a fairly complete plagiarism content checking tool. However, the full features offered are not free or you have to use the premium service from PlagTracker. Available services such as fast reports, grammar checking, PDF reports, database checking, checking multiple files (.doc, Docx, .txt), unlimited volume checking, and many others.

This website is a professional plagiarist checking service provider. There is a team of professionals who will check your content. The team offered will check syntax, grammar, and flow errors accordingly.

Even though this service is paid for, you don’t need to worry because PlagTracker also has a free service that you can use. In fact, if other plagiarism checking services are only limited to 1000 words, in PlagTracker, you can check up to 5000 words.


PlagScan is a website that provides online plagiarism which has many advantages. You only need to do a few clicks to check the authenticity of the text. The checking report can be customized according to what you need. If you want PDF files to be easy to print or want to collaborate with others through a report in a browser, you can get all of that through PlagScan.

Even though the target audience is academics, you can also use it to check website content before publication. You can use this service for free for only a few days by registering as a member first. After that payment is required to use it longer.

There are four user options to choose from: single user, school (school), higher education (higher education), and business (business). For single users, this service is needed to be more secure and confident that they have succeeded in quoting third party content without any indication of plagiarism. School users can use this service to provide their students with independent checks.

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