The world of Googling itself becomes the main field of society in finding information. Well, exploring the world of the website itself needs a deep understanding related to SEO so that your website is quality. One of them is by using the Tier link. What is that? Come on, see the understanding of Tier 1 and Tier 2 links below.

What is the Definition of Tier Link?

SEO is one of the basic capital that must be understood in building a website. With this, the website will become more qualified and can occupy the top list in the search engine. This is intended so that the website has many visitors.

In the world of website tier, linking is one means to attract visitors. Link tier is a Backlink that serves to direct visitors to visit certain websites that are on the link. Usually, these backlinks are widely used by readers to find additional information or see the main site that is used as a source of the website.

What’s the Difference between Tier 1 and 2 links?

A tier link is a backlink that is arranged in stages or forms a pyramid. Therefore, there is not only one tier link but Tier 1, Tier 2 links, and so on. Tier 1 links are backlinks directly to the main website. While tier 2 links are backlinks intended for tier 1 links.

So, why isn’t the Tier 2 link directly directed to the main website? This is because the function of the tier 2 link itself is to support tier 1 links. So, if sorted, this tiered link resembles a pyramid brought under the lowest tier link that will support the link above it. In addition, the quality of each site that contains a link tier will also be different. The smaller the number of link tier, the better the quality of the web.

What are the Benefits of Tier Link?

In addition to getting a lot of visitors and making the web more quality, this link tier serves to filter out unnecessary backlinks. This unnatural backlink can get your website penalized by Google or black hat SEO. Therefore, it is important to have a clean website when building tier links.

When creating a tier 1 link, choose a website with high domain authority. This is because later the domain authority can increase the level of domain authority of your website (the main website). Whereas tier 2 links can be made on blogs or discussion forums.