This online lottery game has several market choices and one of them is the Hong Kong lottery. Playing the lottery may not be strange to the players’ ears now. This bet is done online so that fellow gamblers don’t need to meet face to face when playing the lottery. This Hong Kong lottery game is the same as the lottery in general, namely using real money which is made the bet. Therefore, if the installer loses, the money that was bet as a bet will automatically disappear. The right secret in installing is needed for any bettor. Players can get clear tips and tricks for playing the Hong Kong lottery only at the trusted in World.

HK is a game field that provides luck to players who also provide many types of online lottery games that are fun to play. At this time the Hong Kong lottery is as popular as the SGP lottery or pengeluaran sgp lottery. Many players are addicted and participate in installing this Hong Kong market. If you join a trusted online lottery site, it is certain that we can all see that this game also has quite good visitors and is good enough so that over time the demand continues to increase. The right tactic to win is definitely very much sought after by lottery enthusiasts.

Bettors can get tips and tricks for playing hockey in the Hong Kong lottery game. One of the suitable games to play in the online lottery is odd-even. Players can try the odd-even 4/8 and 6/6 combination numbers to get the maximum results in this lottery game. This game is actually nailed to a 50-50 pair group and this technique has been proven profitable and profitable for some players. A mature feeling to try the right odds is needed by all bettors. Search for predictions from the best sources so that players are not fooled and end up losing.


The efforts and tricks to win are usually pocketed by bettors who have long struggled in this field. However, many also lost and knocked out in playing. What must be considered in this bet is that the installer must pocket playing tips and tricks. The lottery numbers can certainly be predicted by bettors who have pocketed high flight hours, so beginners have a lot to learn. Bet on trusted online lottery gambling sites to be safe and anti-gimmicks.

A gambler who is addicted to the Hong Kong lottery is sure to always follow his total spending. Playing tricks and accurate predictions are sure to be pocketed by old players to win the bet. SGP lottery can also be played together with the Hong Kong lottery because it has good credibility. All the explanations above cover lottery, predictions, and suggested agents because they are proven safe. Hopefully, the above notes are useful for readers.


The reason why many people are interested in online lottery agents is to generate additional money from the Internet, there is nothing wrong with people’s work. Everything that is done becomes a public activity that is carried out by all people in the world. But not all of them are found in a good way there. Because in the internet world offers quite a lot of convenience for everyone.

An example of a compilation begins with games offered by online agents. This all becomes a mistake for people who want to find a way. Where this lottery gambling can really attract people’s interest faster nowadays. Because in practice there are many offers and promos that make anyone feel happy if this game is very profitable.

We can also see that in the last few years, the growth of trusted lottery bookies in the World has increased rapidly. All because of the players’ interests that continue to grow significantly. It is not surprising that many online lottery agents have spread throughout cyberspace to this day.

Moreover, the games offered are also very interesting for everyone. Because now it is packaged better than before and will not bore the players. While these games are now built using fairly simple gameplay. For that, today quite a lot of people are interested in playing syair hk.

Another interesting thing is that in this game, there are several bonuses that players can receive when they successfully become new members in the management. That way, players can use the bonus as additional capital to make new deposits. So they don’t need to make a large deposit at the start of the game.

That thing has been successfully delivered to be played comfortably there. Because everything they enjoy is easily accessible and always considered to provide many benefits.

The Cause Many People Are Interested in Online Togel Agents

In line with the title we wrote, there are several main reasons people like the Sydney Lottery, Singapore lottery, Hong Kong lottery according to Islam. Those who have already played may not understand this quickly. Because the game he plays has changed everything to be more fun than before. Things that don’t happen that happen in the future.

As someone who still has a say in life, you definitely don’t want to get involved in the game. Because the activities here can change people’s perceptions in a short time and are quite real. Meanwhile, those who have played this game for a long time can get addicted. Once those levels were approved, they couldn’t be removed quickly.

There will be a lot of restoration effort in a normal player’s life. And this often requires the help of experts and psychologists. The goal is clear to bring him back to normal life. However, this might be the perfect result. This was because their intention to get back on track was never in him.

Want those who wish to let go must start from a resolution in itself. Below we explain some of the main reasons people like Sidney lottery according to Islam. By looking at our full article, you will also understand why this game is rejected in Islamic teaching.

Attract Lots of Attractive Prizes

The first cause of the Sidney lottery game that people love is that players have a chance to get a very large prize. This has become a marketing strategy for these agents. Where successful offers all members to win the prize quickly. But for anyone who likes this game, no one is quick to notice.

Where this is only part of the Sidney lottery agent’s marketing strategy to them. Because the big prize can only be accepted by players who are really lucky at every bet. Therefore, whatever effort they put in, it will always seem useless.

For beginners, this offer may be very attractive because they have just participated in the Sidney lottery game to get the prize. But in reality, they always lose money in every game they play.

The Bonus offered is very Attractive

Another cause of the Sidney lottery game that makes people love it is that the bonuses offered to players always look attractive. This option bonus is quite different from the previous one. Because it can be obtained by all players, but it doesn’t necessarily benefit them. Here they have to struggle with their own abilities and skills.

Because there are several games in it that don’t have to be won by luck. So it can all make him suffer. Where players can be forced to continue to make large deposits just to pursue the bonus.

Offers a lot of Games

Another reason people like the Sidney lottery game is the large selection of games available. It’s quite interesting because it is available in hundreds of options. So that players will not be bored when betting. But in essence, players will not be able to understand how to play the entire game.

This allows players to release a lot of money. In the end, they can become curious about not being able to win the game. Although there are agents who provide playing guides. More of them had difficulty reading the manual.

Low Deposits and Settlements

One more last reason that makes people like the Sidney lottery game is low deposits and changes. Now many of the agents are offering these promotions. Where offers a minimum deposit of 10 and preparation of 25. It certainly allows people to keep this game for a long time.


Writing quality articles is a must as well as a necessity for every SEO Content Writer. One of the characteristics of quality articles is that they have never been uploaded on any site. After you know how to write the right articles, now is the time for you to do an online plagiarism checker to make sure your article has never been uploaded anywhere. Therefore, there are several tools for checking plagiarism online.

Here we provide lime recommendations for tools that you can use to check plagiarism online:


You can directly check text or files directly using DupliChecker. This website provides a special page for checking plagiarism content. You just need to enter content with a maximum of 1000 words into an available form.

When using DupliChecker to check the plagiarism level of content, you will be presented with information on how much your content is similar to other content in the form of a percentage.

Apart from checking the plagiarism level of content, this website also provides other checking systems, such as grammar, paraphrasing, keyword position checker, domain authority, backlink checker, and many others.


If you are looking for a website for a very simple online plagiarism check, you can use Dustball. When you open this website, you will immediately be presented with fields to fill in the text you want to check. Apart from checking text directly, websites can check Microsoft Word documents.

How to use it is quite easy. You just have to copy and then paste any text into the box provided. Then click the “Check the paper” button and the website will automatically check your document. The result of checking Dustball is indicated by the statement “OK” and “Plagiarism?”. If there is any indication of plagiarism, Dustball will give a “Plagiarism?” Warning.

Unfortunately, there are limitations to the use of checks. When it exceeds that specified, the website will display a “Free Limit Reached” warning. The limit for use is 1000 per day worldwide. In order to continue using it, users are required to subscribe by paying  $8 (lifetime) for maintenance costs.


Copyscape provides a free plagiarism check application to search for copies of your website pages online, as well as solutions to prevent content theft and fraud. All you have to do is enter the website URL address and Copyscape will automatically check the level of similarity of your content.

The content that you buy or create may have been copied or stolen from other websites. Articles that have been published and copied on other websites can certainly destroy your reputation and affect the ranking of your content in search results. Checks using Copyscape are carried out so that the content you create is not recognized as plagiarism.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of uses for the free version. In order to get wider access, you must use premium services. Apart from checking plagiarism, Copyscape also provides other services such as Copyscape Premium, Premium API, Copysentry, Free Comparison Tool, and Free Plagiarism Banner. Of all these services, it seems quite interesting is the Plagiarism Banner. You can use this feature to embed a plagiarism banner on your website pages.


PlagTracker is a website that provides a fairly complete plagiarism content checking tool. However, the full features offered are not free or you have to use the premium service from PlagTracker. Available services such as fast reports, grammar checking, PDF reports, database checking, checking multiple files (.doc, Docx, .txt), unlimited volume checking, and many others.

This website is a professional plagiarist checking service provider. There is a team of professionals who will check your content. The team offered will check syntax, grammar, and flow errors accordingly.

Even though this service is paid for, you don’t need to worry because PlagTracker also has a free service that you can use. In fact, if other plagiarism checking services are only limited to 1000 words, in PlagTracker, you can check up to 5000 words.


PlagScan is a website that provides online plagiarism which has many advantages. You only need to do a few clicks to check the authenticity of the text. The checking report can be customized according to what you need. If you want PDF files to be easy to print or want to collaborate with others through a report in a browser, you can get all of that through PlagScan.

Even though the target audience is academics, you can also use it to check website content before publication. You can use this service for free for only a few days by registering as a member first. After that payment is required to use it longer.

There are four user options to choose from: single user, school (school), higher education (higher education), and business (business). For single users, this service is needed to be more secure and confident that they have succeeded in quoting third party content without any indication of plagiarism. School users can use this service to provide their students with independent checks.


The world of Googling itself becomes the main field of society in finding information. Well, exploring the world of the website itself needs a deep understanding related to SEO so that your website is quality. One of them is by using the Tier link. What is that? Come on, see the understanding of Tier 1 and Tier 2 links below.

What is the Definition of Tier Link?

SEO is one of the basic capital that must be understood in building a website. With this, the website will become more qualified and can occupy the top list in the search engine. This is intended so that the website has many visitors.

In the world of website tier, linking is one means to attract visitors. Link tier is a Backlink that serves to direct visitors to visit certain websites that are on the link. Usually, these backlinks are widely used by readers to find additional information or see the main site that is used as a source of the website.

What’s the Difference between Tier 1 and 2 links?

A tier link is a backlink that is arranged in stages or forms a pyramid. Therefore, there is not only one tier link but Tier 1, Tier 2 links, and so on. Tier 1 links are backlinks directly to the main website. While tier 2 links are backlinks intended for tier 1 links.

So, why isn’t the Tier 2 link directly directed to the main website? This is because the function of the tier 2 link itself is to support tier 1 links. So, if sorted, this tiered link resembles a pyramid brought under the lowest tier link that will support the link above it. In addition, the quality of each site that contains a link tier will also be different. The smaller the number of link tier, the better the quality of the web.

What are the Benefits of Tier Link?

In addition to getting a lot of visitors and making the web more quality, this link tier serves to filter out unnecessary backlinks. This unnatural backlink can get your website penalized by Google or black hat SEO. Therefore, it is important to have a clean website when building tier links.

When creating a tier 1 link, choose a website with high domain authority. This is because later the domain authority can increase the level of domain authority of your website (the main website). Whereas tier 2 links can be made on blogs or discussion forums.

As mentioned earlier, on websites that perform well “Content is King“. Your website must include the text content that will both attract your visitors and encourage them to do business with you when they find your site. You must strike a balance by writing website content for your visitors while ensuring that all of the requirements for SEO are satisfied.

When the search engine robots visit your website they look for text and use this as an indicator of what the page they are visiting is about and how it should be ranked. If the page content consists mostly of images the Googlebot cannot “see” them. It knows they are images but apart from the alt attribute which we mentioned on the Page Content for SEO page it does not really know what they contain.

This means that where SEO is concerned images have very little value as content. Obviously images are a large part of the Internet and we are not saying that they should not be used. What we are saying is that more keyword-relevant text improves your chances of ranking and being found.

Use Text Content Not Graphics!

Some website designers like to create their menu links using graphics as opposed to text. Well earlier, we covered the importance of having keywords in Internal Hyperlinks. If you do this you have missed a great opportunity to use these internal text hyperlinks on your website. Where website traffic is important we would always recommend the use of text links for menus.

If you look at the menu column on this page you will see that we have linked to the other pages using some of the important keywords that help us to get found, e.g. Search Engine Optimization Example, Keyword Research, Meta Content, etc.

Website Copywriting

You must decide if you are capable of writing the copy that will be required for your website. Not everyone is capable of getting everything grammatically correct and being able to produce an interesting copy. If you cannot do this yourself enlist the help of friends or consider hiring a website copywriter.

Remember that your important keywords and phrases should be included in the text and in the SEO strategic areas previously discussed. You should bear this in mind while producing your website copy. If you hire a copywriter you should try to find someone with experience of website copywriting.

Search Engine Algorithms

We don’t want to turn you off by getting into mathematics but it will help if you understand what an algorithm does.

Definition: An algorithm is a set of decision-making processes that are applied to a problem in order to solve that problem.

The problem the search engines have is that they must put the results for any given search into what they consider to be the order most relevant to that search. What an algorithm does in this context is to apply certain scoring factors to each web page it finds in a search and gives it a ranking “score”.

To prevent people from manipulating their results the search engines keep the details of many of these ranking factors secret. They only provide us with general guidelines on how this is done. Clearly, if anyone knew exactly how it was done they could promote their websites to the top ranking positions and make a lot of money!

Here’s a greatly simplified example of what happens within the process.

Algorithm Factors

Let’s say that a search engine algorithm judges a website page by four factors (Google probably uses more than 200). Let’s also say that these factors are:

  • Number of inbound links from other websites
  • Overall page content relevant to the search term
  • Specific search keywords found within the text on the web page
  • Title of the web page identical to or related to the search keywords.

For the purpose of this illustration, we can say that each of these factors can get a score of zero to 10. When someone enters a search engine query the algorithm looks at each of the factors in turn for each page that is found, awards an appropriate number of points and sorts the results according to the highest score. This is a very much simplified description but essentially this is what takes place when you search for information.

I keep seeing these top 5 things around blogs, well pretty much everywhere, I highly suggest if any of these apply to your blog/website, then you change it right now because honestly, you might think it’s cool/a good idea, but really, it’s not.

1. Spelling Errors

Most web browsers these days either have a built-in spell checker, or you can download one, so I can’t really see why you’ve got spelling mistakes, although if everyone started to use spell checkers, I know thousands of people wouldn’t be making spelling mistakes, they’d be using the wrong words.

2. Auto-Playing Embeds

Whether it be your favorite song or your most recent Youtube video, I doubt many people will want to listen to your music taste if they do, then they’ll click to play it, the same with youtube videos, I hate loading a blog and instantly hearing somebodies voice tell me how I can make $1,000 an hour by sitting on my backside! If the visitor wants to watch/listen to something, they will click play!

3. Animated images/backgrounds

Okay, I’ll give them that, maybe back in the ’90s, they were the coolest thing around, these days? They are not, they make your blog look like a 12-year-old’s MySpace profile, seriously, please do not use them. Obviously animated banners are fine, go right ahead, but nobody cares if you can get your background to flash!

4. Anti-Spam plugins

This is one of the most annoying, if you want people to comment on your blog posts, don’t make them fill out a load of crap like catch as/math questions, get a backend anti-spam plugin, or simply go through your comments by hand. Using these kinds of plugins generally decreases the number of comments you’ll get.

5. Small Fonts!

Even though I’m running windows 7, which has a built-in zoom tool, why should I open it, just to read your blog? Just change your bloody font size! I’m sick of having to get 2 inches away from my screen to read your text, I bet everyone else is as well, I just auto-close pages I can’t read instantly now, don’t lose traffic to this!

Now hopefully, after you’ve checked your blog for these, made some changes here and there, you’ll notice more traffic, more recurring traffic, and a lower bounce rate!


Link Baiting is a more blackhat link building method, that you don’t really hear about a lot, but when you do, many people do seem to think they know what they are looking about when really they don’t. Link baiting is quite hard to learn, but once you’ve got it down, it can be an amazing way to build a lot of backlinks.

The idea of link baiting is in fact very smart, you create some sort of content, then you somehow get people to build backlinks to the page, but the question is, well how do you get people to build your backlinks? Well obviously by getting them to talk about your website/page on their website/page or on forums/chats, whatever.

The faster your website spreads, the more backlinks you’ll get, the great part with link baiting is, once you’ve started to build some links, generally they keep coming in faster and in larger chunks, so the main idea of link baiting is, to create content, then hope that other people will build backlinks for you.

Very similar to fishing, you throw the bait out there, so you’re putting content out there, then you hope a fish bites, in this case, we hope people start to build backlinks to our content, this can be an amazing way to get a lot of traffic, as well as backlinks. After all, having people talk about your website is definitely the best way to build a lot of backlinks and you’re not even building them!


One of the many things I check upon while doing an SEO audit is whether the website of the client has a preferred domain or not. In almost all cases, companies develop their websites, upload it and then forget it. They don’t bother about indexation, site health or anything else. Well, that’s where we come in.

Preferred Domains

A website can have a URL in any of the following versions: or

These are the www or non-www versions and very often freshly deployed websites have both. Meaning a visitor could type in any of the addresses and would get served the same content. Not quite a problem one could think, but it is quite a big deal for reasons affecting search engine optimization and usability.

For example, a user may log in from the ‘non-www’ version and follow a link to the ‘www’ version. He/she would probably have to log in again if the developer hasn’t accounted for that and they usually don’t.

From an SEO point of view, having both versions is seriously problematic. Indexation is the main issue here because Google treats the two versions as two different websites (Yes, even if the content is the same). Technically the ‘www’ denotes a sub-domain and it can point to different content and in rare cases, the content is actually different. So Google must not make assumptions and their algorithms must account for as many technical possibilities as possible.

As such, search engines index ‘www’ and ‘non-www’ versions of a website separately. A simple way to check if Google has indexed two versions of your website, type in the following queries in Google Search: site: and site:

Normally both should return the same result and the same number of results, but not if the search engine has indexed two versions.

Link Juice Dilution

It’s the main issue when dealing with this kind of situation. Let’s say all of your social profiles link to but a high authority blog makes reference to your website and links to The link juice coming from the later would be lost as you are actually using the ‘www’ version for your link building campaigns.

It is imperative to set a preferred domain to avoid these problems and the preferred domain is also the version that you want used for your site in the search results.

Setting Preferred Domain on Google Webmaster Tools

The webmaster tools provide webmasters a way to chose their preferred domain for future indexation and would display the preferred URL in search engine results. A complete help section is dedicated to this here:

A 301 Redirect

Most often, I only write a 301 redirect in the .htaccess file (Note: the .htaccess is only available on servers running apache). It’s simple, effective and quick. The code used below is for redirection from the ‘non-www’ version to the ‘www’ version.

#Redirect non-www urls to www
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.yoursite\.com$
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

For example, this is the exact piece of code that exist on our .htaccess file which we use to redirect the ‘non-www’ version to the ‘www’ version:

#non-www to www 301 redirection
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.os-omicron\.org$
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

www to non-www redirection

It also happens that one might like the URL without the ‘www’. I use this redirection when the hostname is long and therefore adding four more characters to it is unnecessary.

#Redirect www urls to non-www
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^example\.com
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Personally, I think hostnames without a “www” are kind of a nod to web fashion. The first major website which I noticed didn’t bother to add the “www” was Twitter. Speaking of which, If you want you can follow us here:


If you want to build a website that is SEO Friendly, choosing WordPress as a website platform is right. Even so, there are some basic things that must be considered in optimizing WordPress-based SEO. Here are the basics of WordPress SEO that you need to learn.

Templates & Servers is the Key

Before talking further, there are the two most important factors in my opinion which are key to the success of your SEO optimization. The first is server speed and the second is template selection.

As good as any optimization is done, if the template and server you use are not qualified, SEO optimization will still not be effective. Therefore, it helps you first check the two factors above using the free tools below. Only then can you proceed to the stage we will give next.

  1. Google PageSpeed ​​Insight
  2. Pingdom Tools

With the two tools above, you will know how fast the server response and the loading speed of the themes you use. At the very least, a friendly website to appear on Google has an insight rating of 60 and above and a loading time of under 5 seconds.

For those who haven’t gotten satisfactory results, maybe you might consider subscribing to a more qualified server like Google Cloud or looking for other more SEO friendly WordPress templates like the Generate Press theme that is widely used by SEO practitioners in Indonesia.

If those two things you’ve passed, at least, you can breathe freely because your website has entered the basic qualifications in SEO competition. Here are some advanced steps you can take to improve your SEO and SERP based WordPress web.

Mandatory Plugins for WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO is a mandatory plugin for every webmaster and SEO practitioner. With this plugin, you can set the meta robot for each article, create an automatic site map, and integration with Google Search Console.

Anyway, almost all of the basic SEO features on WordPress have been summarized all in this plugin. More about this, you can see in article 14 of the obligatory WordPress 2018 plugin from Hostinger to get complete information about what plugins you must have on your WordPress website.

Keyword Optimization

Previously, keep in mind that excessive use of keywords will not be beneficial for your website. Even still, the use of appropriate and relevant keywords will greatly help your web page rating in search engines.

Here are some columns that you can use to insert keywords in the writing and content of your website.

  1. Article title (page title)
  2. Subheading – article subtitles (H2)
  3. Meta title and meta description in the Yoast SEO plugin
  4. Website Address (URL)
  5. Image file name and alt text

Now, there are some columns where you can put your keywords naturally, remember! Excessive and irrelevant keyword stuffing will have a negative impact on your website.

Quality and Quantity of Posts

No need to elaborate, in the end, the quality of the writing and rich information on your web will determine everything. So, make your web visitors satisfied with the information you present, and make them linger with other relevant content.

After all of the above you do, the arrival of visitors from the Google search engine is only a matter of time. Believe me! If you still find it difficult, it might be a sign that you need to recruit SEO optimization services to help jump-start your business’s appearance in search engines.